Medical Health Check

A couple of weeks ago, a family member told the story of a colleague that complained that  he was feeling “somehow unwell”. Well, as usual he did some self medication and felt better and got on with his work. By the next evening he was dead. Just recently a friend also had a  colleague that died while exercising. Off course everyone was shocked.These people were  “healthy and normal”.Medical Diagnostic Centre How could they have died so suddenly? But the fact is, these people  could have had underlying medical conditions for years without knowing. How would people  know what is going on internally unless they undergo regular comprehensive, and  professionally interpreted medical check-ups?

Why Medical health check?

Regular check-ups help to identify risk factors and suspicious trends before they become  serious problems. Once diseases are detected early, treatments are generally more  successful and costs are usually less.These are the reasons we put together the CoolSpring male and female comprehensive Healthcheck plans  – our watch word – “a stitch in time saves nine”

Our Comprehensive Medical Health Check

CoolSpring Medicals is a one–stop Medical Diagnostic Centre in Lagos Nigeria. Our vision is to provide excellent services that give clinicians the confidence to make informed decisions in the management of their patients. We have assembled a highly motivated and friendly team of professionals. At CoolSpring Medicals, we are conscious of the quality of our results and committed to constantly improving our standard.Medical Diagnostic Centre
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