Our Eye clinic offers various optometry services like routine eye checks, screening for various eye defects, prescription lenses, contact lenses and designer frames.

Other Services Offered include:

Testing for refractive errors and prescription of corrective lenses and contact lenses.

Measurement of intra ocular pressure for possible diagnosis of glaucoma.

Central visual field test to examine the visual field.

Ocula B:
Scan- for the diagnosis of some ocular diseases and detachments.

Auto refractometry.

Ocular foreign body removal.

We also offer ophthalmological services.

About us: Cool Spring Medicals is a one–stop Medical Diagnostic Centre Lagos Nigeria. Our vision is to provide excellent services that give clinicians the confidence to make informed decisions in the management of their patients. We have assembled a highly motivated and friendly team of professionals. At Cool Spring Medicals, we are conscious of the quality of our results and committed to constantly improving our standard.

Our Partnership

We partner with Bioscientia of Germany, one of the leading Reference Laboratories in Europe. Our partnership offers the highest quality analytical services for a wide range of tests such as :-

-Hepatitis B DNA
-HIV Viral Load
-HIV Drug Resistance
-Human Papilloma Virus PCR
-Hepatitis C Viral Load
-Hepatitis C Virus Genotyping
-Standard Paternity Testing
-CD4/CD8 Count
-CD4 Drug Resistance
-TB Drug Resistance PCR

Medical Diagnostic Centre