Sound health is exceptionally vital to us, and it is consistently necessary to pay attention to your gastrointestinal well being. The problems occur when circumstances such as bowel cancer can often go obscure until it is too late. So early recognition is vital which can help in prevention and cure.

For instance, colonoscopy can be used as a screening procedure for colon rectal cancer and colon polyps ( for people between 50-years). However, colonoscopy is indicated in cases of lower G.I breeding, colon cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases and other colitis.

On the other hand, Gastroscopy (Upper G.I Endoscopy) is helpful in diagnosing peptic ulcer, acute upper G.I breeding, Dyspepsia and other such conditions. At Cool spring medicals, we are equipped with the state-of art machine- Olympus Optera CV-170. The HDTV image capturing and procuring capability of this machine takes routine screening one step further and delivers edge to edge high resolution images with sharp and clear details.


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